City To Pause And Reflect On 100th Anniversary Of The Armistice

City To Pause And Reflect On 100th Anniversary Of The Armistice
City To Pause And Reflect On 100th Anniversary Of The Armistice

will remember the millions of who lost their lives in the  and subsequent conflicts, this Sunday, on the 100th anniversary of the 1918 armistice.

Following a service of remembrance, the city will be participating in a national act to celebrate peace.

The Guildhall bells, along with those of Minster and St Mary’s Church, will ring out from 12.30pm.

They will join churches nationally to replicate the spontaneous ringing of bells that occurred across the country. Bells were rung by churches following the declaration of peace in 1918.

At 10.55am, ’s annual service of remembrance will take place at the Cenotaph. The Service of Remembrance will be conducted by the Reverend Canon Dr Neal Barnes, Vicar of Minster, along with the Right Reverend , Bishop of .

Following the service, the Lord Mayor and Admiral of the Humber, Councillor Pete Allen, will take the salute at the march past. The march past will involve members from a number of veterans associations and led by the band.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Pete Allen said:

“The service is open to all to attend and usually attracts an audience of around four to five thousand . As this year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the , we expect more will come to pay their respects to the millions that gave their lives during the four years of war from 1914 to 1918.”

Armistice 100 Gives Entire Nation Chance To Reflect

Ten silhouette figures from the “There but not There” commemorative initiative will make their first appearance on Sunday. 

The figures represent those who did not return home from war and will become a familiar sight across the city over the coming year.

Sunday will give the nation acknowledge the significance of the Great War coming to an end. Events and services will be held across the entire country on what is a date of huge historic importance.

Records show that 6 million men from the United Kingdom were mobilised for the great war. 

It is estimated that over 700,000 were killed, while far more suffered horrific injuries. 

Services like the one taking place in on Sunday. They give the nation an opportunity to pause, think and pay their respects.

East Yorkshire Market Town, will also be marking the day with a service at the iconic Minster. 

Following a parade, dignitaries from the town and the East Riding will lay reefs in Hengate Gardens.

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