Pumpkin Competition Held By Market Traders Attracts Spook-Tacular Entries

Pumpkin Competition Held By Market Traders Attracts Spook-Tacular Entries
Judges At were pleased with the response to the pumpkin competition

Saturday Market Traders attracted some scarily good entries for a Halloween pumpkin competition they held last week.

Entries to the pumpkin competition included a giant head, a skeleton and also an owl. Market traders added to the occasion with a specially-themed stall that was decorated with a Halloween theme.

Lisa Gray, liaison officer for the Group of the National Market Traders Association praised those who made the effort.

Despite the cold weather on the day organisers said they were pleased that people had made the effort to participate.

“The pumpkin entries were all excellent and very creative, and the traders all got into the Halloween spirit,” she said. “I’m so pleased people made the effort to come along, despite the cold, wet weather.”

Organised by the traders, the pumpkin competition was open to both children and also adults. All the pumpkin entries were put on display for the public view on the market.

Judges were , Councillor , and from Guest & Philips. They were given the task of picking the winners.

Pumpkin Competition Winners Won Great Prizes

Winners of the pumpkin competition were Toffie Rena – most creative design, Michael Bell in the U13s section and Jamie Lowey in the U12s. Prizes were also awarded to Paige and Leah Newton and Emily. 

Prizes for the winners of each of the sections were equally as good as the entries. Goodies up for grabs included a family ticket to a see a show and a voucher worth £50 to spend on the market.

The pumpkin competition was organised by traders as a way to engage with the community. It was also a chance to have some fun in the run-up to Halloween.

Pumpkins and carving them has become a part of Halloween tradition not just in the UK but around the world. A squash plant, it is packed with nutrition while pumpkins can also be grown to an enormous size.  

Currently, the world’s biggest pumpkin record is held by a German grower Mathia Willemijn. A behemoth pumpkin Mathia grew weighed a staggering 1190.5 Kgs, the same weight as a MINI Cooper!

While we carve them up at Halloween, eating pumpkins offers some good health benefits especially for the heart.

Pumpkins contain fibre, potassium, and vitamin C pumpkins have all the things experts say are needed for a healthy heart.

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