Delivery Drivers Warned To Be Vigilant Due To Spike In Thefts

Delivery Drivers Warned To Be Vigilant Due To Spike In Thefts
Delivery Drivers Warned To Be Vigilant Due To Spike In Thefts

Delivery drivers in the area are being warned to stay vigilant following a number robberies committed against them.

Issued by Humberside Police, they say that in this month there have been eleven offences reported to them.

In a statement released Humberside Police highlighted the hotspots. They also warned delivery drivers to be mindful of who is watching them at work.

They said;

“We are issuing a warning for drivers to be aware when making drops so they don’t become victims of crime.”

“Crimes have been concentrated in the north of Hull in the area bordered by Road, Cottingham, Thorpe Park Road and Thomas Clarkson Way.”

“Two were robbery, three were theft from a vehicle, and six were the unauthorised taking of a vehicle.”

“Some offences involve delivery drivers working for retail stores usually in marked up vans. These are having property stolen from their unattended and often insecure vehicles.”

“We believe that some of these vans are being followed and targeted because of the company livery on the side.”

“Some were when drivers left their vans with the keys still in the ignition and the engine running. Others were delivering goods to an address. The two robberies involved drivers being threatened for money or their vehicles.”

Delivery Drivers Are Being Targeted By Criminals

Detective Inspector Allison Sweeting from Hull CID offered advice to drivers. He said:

“Please be aware when making deliveries. Make sure your vehicle is secure and also make  sure the goods that you’re carrying are secure.”

“You don’t know who is watching you while you work. It’s coming up to a busy period for delivery drivers. We don’t want you, your company or who you’re working for to fall victim to these criminals.”

“Please be vigilant and look out for what is around you. Anything that you may be suspicious of you should report to us.”

“Anyone who has information should call 101. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 55 111.”

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