Andy’s Man Club Are High On Life After Tackling Mount Kilimanjaro

Andy’s Man Club Are High On Life After Tackling Mount Kilimanjaro
Andy’s Man Club Are High On Life After Tackling Mount Kilimanjaro

Andy’s Man Club is on a high after reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro following a six-day climb.

Celebrating the Club’s first birthday and achieving charity status, they climbed to the top of the mountain in Africa.

Luke Ambler and four other Trustees from around the UK, including Leon McQuade, leader of the group, hiked to the top.

Leon said:

“The trip was amazing! It was probably that hardest thing I have ever done. The climb is difficult in itself but the altitude sickness affected us.”

“Sadly one of the guys had to be taken back down the mountain. It doesn’t matter how fit and healthy you are, the mountain takes no prisoners, the conditions are tough.”

“However, it was also the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Reaching the summit was a special moment for us all. It was very emotional but a great sense of achievement.”

“We held a meeting at the top of the mountain, in the same format as our weekly meetings at Airco Business Lounge in Hull. It felt good to show that we all have our own mountain to climb, but together we can achieve anything.”

Andy’s Man Club is Helping Men With Mental Health Issues

“On our return from Tanzania, the group celebrated its first year. Also, I am so proud to say that throughout that time we have helped lots of men aged 18-45.”

“During this time we’ve had over fifteen hundred visits from individuals who attend our weekly meetings.”

“This is just in so we know there is a huge demand for this type of support for men with mental health issues.”

“I am also delighted to say that we have now achieved charity status for Andy’s Man Club UK. This opens up many different opportunities for us.”

“Being a part of Andy’s Man Club is a huge privilege, all of our team look forward to it every week and enjoy the extra activities we run outside the meeting.”

“The visible change we see in our members from first arriving and feeling apprehensive to being able to share their feelings about the tough times they are experiencing and seeing that they are not alone, the satisfaction it gives is hard to put into words.”

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