High School Pupils Join Thousands Learning Life Saving Skills

High School Pupils Join Thousands Learning Life Saving Skills
High School Pupils Join Thousands Learning Life Saving Skills

Beverley High School pupils joined thousands of other people as they took part in Restart a Heart Day.

Restart a Heart Day was an incentive that saw over 20,000 youngsters learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

In all 600 pupils and also six members of staff were trained in CPR. A great success for the school, most noteworthy the increase in numbers trained last year which was 190, an increase of 410.

Jason Carlyon is the Clinical Development Manager for Yorkshire Ambulance Service. He helped organise the event. He feels CPR is something we should all learn.

“CPR is a simple, easy intervention that can save the lives of patients in cardiac arrest,” he said. “In 2017-18, 43pc of cardiac arrest incidents in Yorkshire were witnessed by a non-clinician who could potentially have started CPR.”

“Community CPR events like Restart a Heart Day are essential so we can provide as many people as possible with this life-saving skill.”

In all sixteen schools in East Yorkshire took part in Restart a Heart Day. These included Beverley Grammar School and also Bishop Burton College.

It is estimated that someone suffers a cardiac arrest every three minutes in the UK. Skills like CPR and also the growing numbers defibrillators can help save lives.

High School Pupils Learn Same Skills That Helped Save Mans Life

Sixty-six-year-old David Pratt, from Hornsea, suffered a cardiac arrest in March 2018. His life was saved through CPR the use of a defibrillator administered by three off-duty Community First Responders.

Because of his experiences David put his backing behind Restart a Heart Day, he said;

“Their quick response and knowledge and expertise saved my life. Without these volunteers, the outcome of the incident could have been very different.”

“I’m giving Restart a Heart Day my full support because it’s so important that everyone learns this life-saving skill.”

Consequently, days like Restart a Heart Day that the High School Pupils took part in, more lives will potentially be saved.

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