Great War Remembered Concert To Be Hosted By Town Council At Minster

Great War Remembered Concert To Be Hosted By Town Council At Minster
Great War Remembered Concert To Be Hosted By Town Council At Minster

Beverley Town Council is presenting an afternoon of music, song, poetry and special memories, as they present The Great War Remembered.

Beverley Minster will be the venue that for the event which takes place on Saturday 3 November. Performances will be by Fallen Leaves, Concert Band, Four Candles and Cherie Lawrence.

Cllr Bryan Pearson, The said;

‘’The Great War Remembered centenary concert is a way for Beverley folks to come together and say thank you to all those people that were lost and suffered from our town.”

“We especially remember the people of Beverley who gave their lives and suffered to give us our freedom.”

Beverley Minster is a large building and the concert is free to attend. So let us fill it with people in praise and thanks to them all.”

“Any funds gathered will be donated to Royal British Legion. They will be giving poppy crosses to write the names of loved ones and past family members that were involved in the WW1.”

Council Thanks Those Who Made The Great War Remembered Concert Possible

Town Clerk, expressed her thanks to those who are supporting the event. She said;

“We would like to thank Beverley Minster, Humberside Police Concert Band, The Four Candles, Fallen leaves and Cherie Lawrence.”

“They have all come together with Beverley Town Council to facilitate the Great War Remembered in the centenary concert.”

“Here we remember the bravery of those who fought, lived and died in the First World War. Also continue to honour all those who served, died and were affected.”

Organisers say that the performance will commemorate the life, times, the courage and commitment of men women who served, died and were affected by war.

Also, it will include a wide variety of music. Made up of well-known favourites. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for the audience to join in.

The Great War Remembered Concert takes place at 2PM on Saturday 3 November. While the concert is free entry seats can be reserved by contact Beverley Town Council.

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