The Evolution of Live Casino Games

The Evolution of Live Casino Games
The Evolution of Live Casino Games

Since the dawn of the world-wide internet availability, there are all most all the services which are now just available at the tips of your fingers. 

One of such services is in the form of online live casinos.  With the constant technological advances in handheld computing devices as well as the increasing bandwidth network of the internet facilities, online casinos are now providing casinos games with live dealers streamed directly from studios and casinos all around the world.

Majority of the online casinos are now providing real-time casino games which provide the same gaming experience that one can feel at a real land-based casino.  There are dedicated sections of real-time games with a whole range of classic as well as latest casino card and table games. 

There was a time when people used to play slot games or video poker on online casinos now they are indulging in live casinos with live blackjack, roulette, sic bo, poker and all the other classic casino games.  If you are looking for a  live casino games resource, is a great place to start.

History of Live Casino Games

Gambling has always been a part of all the cultures throughout the world.  There had been different sorts of gambling practices adopted by people of different civilizations.  The instances of gambling can be seen recorded in the bible along with historical texts of ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations. 

Land-based casinos saw a major boost in the post-industrialization era in Europe and during the middle of the twentieth century in the United States when some of the oldest casinos were established in Las Vegas.  In the last two decades, the Internet has covered all the corners of the world thus rapidly increasing the popularity of the online casinos.  With the fast internet network speeds and easy to use handheld mobile devices, online gaming especially the live casino games are now giving tough competition in business to their land-based counterparts.

First off, The Live Casino Games

Since its inception in 1996, the concept of online casinos has witnessed an explosion in its popularity.  Today, live casino games have become the top-ranking gaming destination on an online casino.  With the technological advances in computer science, the graphics of the games improved a whole lot, but players were even hungrier for something new. 

With this growing demand, the first ever live dealer was introduced for the game of blackjack and roulette.  This was the brand-new idea which allowed the player to play, pay and communicate with the dealer while sitting at home.  At that time the live dealer was limited to blackjack and roulette only.  Now today you can choose from a whole variety of classic casino table games ranging from baccarat to three card poker.

How Does Live Casino Games Work?

Live or real-time casino games are nothing but audio video streaming of a real game which involves a real dealer and a little bit of software interface that uses the internet to get in touch with a player.  The camera streaming happens between the dealer and the player thus allowing interaction between the two parties.  The gaming software interface is used by the player to place bets or accomplish other functions required by the game. 

The special thing about the live games is that a live dealer, quite similar to the one in a land-based casino, administers the game instead of a random number generator.  The best thing about live casino games is the human factor.  The higher margin of human error as compared to the software makes live games much more worthwhile.   Playing with a real human at the helm of the game also creates a real gaming experience for the player by providing requisite atmosphere.  In some games, you can even chat with the dealer which makes it fairly equal to playing at one of your favourite land-based casinos.  

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