Britten Sinfonia Coming To Beverley

Britten Sinfonia Coming To Beverley
Britten Sinfonia Coming To

As part of Classically Yours, Alice is off on her adventures again, this time through her mirror into the whimsical Looking-Glass Land where words are backwards, time flies and eggs can talk!

The concert will be a chance to join an ensemble of Britten Sinfonia players on an interactive musical journey for the whole family.

Taking place at United Church in on Thursday, 1 November 2018 at 2pm, Community arts officer, hopes will come along, she said;

“Come along and create a mysterious soundscape for the terrifying Jabberwock; compete in a royal bowing competition to welcome the Red Queen; try a spot of conducting; and join us in a sing-song to celebrate Alice’s fantastical adventures.”

The show is presented by Jessie Maryon-Davies and includes by Beethoven, Ravel, Satie, Tchaikovsky, Bartok and Ligeti.

This interactive family concert is recommended for families with children aged 5-9.

Tickets cost: Adults £6, Children £5 and are available from Library, The Spa Box Office (01262) 678258 or

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