Beverley Conservatives Obtain School Places Reassurance

Beverley Conservatives Obtain School Places Reassurance
Conservatives Obtain School Places Reassurance

’s Conservative teams for St Mary’s and Minster Wards have taken up residents’ concerns over the capacity of the town’s schools to accommodate the growing population. 

St Mary’s Ward Councillor has put questions to the ’s Pupil Services Department asking how future demand for school places will be met.

“The Local Plan, arrived at through extensive consultation and after all Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative councillors voted to endorse it, means a potential 20 per cent increase in the number of homes around by 2029,” Councillor said.  “Like many people living in , my Conservative colleagues and I want to ensure our schools can meet the challenges growth will bring.”

Responding to Councillor Aird’s enquiries, the Department said;

“There are currently over 600 surplus places at the secondary schools in and that number of surplus places, without the effects of new housing, is expected to increase.  We estimate that if an extra 3,100 homes were built they could lead to an additional 400 secondary school pupils, so there would be no need to provide additional secondary school places in the foreseeable future.”

Regarding primary places, currently there are nearly 200 surplus places across ’s eight primary schools.  The Council estimates the number of surplus places will rise to 370 by 2023. 

However, if the land identified in the Local Plan was developed, the Council estimates there could be an additional 450 primary school age children.  This number would exceed current capacity and options for providing additional places, including the expansion of Primary School, are being considered.

Commenting on the Council’s response, Councillor said;

“It is reassuring to know that the is planning well ahead to make sure the children of both existing and new Beverley residents will have the opportunity to attend our town’s highly regarded schools.”

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