Fire Station Open Day : More Action Than An Episode Of The A-Team

Fire Station Open Day : More Action Than An Episode Of The A-Team
Fire Station Open Day : More Action Than An Episode Of The A-Team

Fire Station will open its doors to the public this Saturday as Humberside Fire & Rescue Service host an open day.

A fun event, Beverley Fire Station Open Day will give members of the community a chance to learn more about the type of work under taken by the service and the equipment used.

Visitors will be able to climb on board appliances used by our local service and also get up close to a fire engine that has been brought over from Lemgo, Beverley’s twin town in Germany.

Shaun Harrison from Humberside Fire & Rescue Service said;

“Previous open days have proved to be very popular with over 2,000 visiting Beverley Fire Station.”

“We want to show people how diverse the job is and not just about getting kittens out of a tree. People will see how we deal with other issues like flooding and accidents on the roads.”

“Community Road Safety is key message for us this year. We want young driver’s to realise the dangers of using a phone while behind the wheel. We have VR so people can simulate how it feels to be in a collision on the road.”

Proceeds on the day raised from the stalls will be donated to Red Cross Fire Victim Support, Shaun explained about their work, he said;

“You would be surprised how many people have no insurance and end up on the street after a fire in just their night clothes.”

“Red Cross Fire Victim Support come out at all hours and help these people, offering them clothing, a meal and some where to stay.”

On the hour there will be some very impressive and high impact demonstrations, Shaun said;

“We will be exploding an aerosol can, showing what happens if you put water on a chip pan fire and how we deal with high level incidents. Our colleagues from another area are bridging Ariel platform.”

“Weather permitting we will also be doing a full RTC simulation using real people who will be cut out of their vehicle, something that is becoming a major part of our role.

“While the number of fires is in decline, road traffic accidents caused by distraction driving are on the increase so this demonstration provides a real insight what we are seeing on our local roads.”

Taking place between 12 and 4.30PM the event is free to attend. There will be a selection of refreshments on site.

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