Vinyl Record Shop Owner Embraces The Spirit Of Beverley In Bloom In Ladygate

Vinyl Record Shop Owner Embraces The Spirit Of Beverley In Bloom In Ladygate
Vinyl Record Shop Owner Embraces The Spirit Of In Bloom In

Local business owner is just one of many businesses in the town who are getting involved with in Bloom this month.

Neil who owns on has created a large sculpture using recycled plastic bottles which he has displayed on the side of his record shop.

In the planning for couple of months Neil collected many recycled plastic bottles from his customers and neighbouring businesses Maa and , which were then cut and paint by hand to create a floral display.

Speaking to .net Neil said;

“I wanted to do something a little bit different while supporting the town and supporting in Bloom so came up with the idea of this sculpture.The idea of doing this came from talking with at the Town Council.”

“The past few weeks have been spent cutting up recycled bottles into flower shapes and painting them in different bold colours.”

Neil says;

in Bloom is a great incentive offering many benefits to and is something we can all embrace. Our lovely town centre is looking really good and with the judges heading to in August for the competition I feel it is important we all pull together and see if the town can win on the national stage.”

“The response I have had has been very positive. Since putting it up people have been commenting how it adds a nice splash of colour to our building and the street which we trade on.”

Neil’s project is one of many that are currently happening in as the town looks to brighten its self up and make it look the part ahead of judgement day on Wednesday 8th August.

are urging businesses, community groups and members of the public to do their best in the coming weeks to avoid leaving litter and to clean up to give the town the best chance of winning their group at .

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