Sweetheart Pin Cushion Mural Will Deliver Poignant Message

Sweetheart Pin Cushion Mural Will Deliver Poignant Message
Sweetheart Pin Cushion Mural Will Deliver Poignant Message

Local Artist is currently transforming a corner of with mural of a Sweetheart Pin Cushion as part of the Town Council’s WW1 Centenary commemorations. .

Emma who has worked on a range of projects including the ‘Bankside Gallery’ in is working on her latest project in her home town of in the .

Sweetheart Pin Cushion Mural Will Deliver Poignant MessageEmma’s mural is of a cushion that was made by a descendant in her own family and carries the East insignia. 47 Air Corps during the had an airfield on the Racecourse.

Sweetheart Pin Cushion’s were made using a craft called Needlepoint by soldiers who were recovering from battle to help keep them busy.  When completed were sent back home to their families as reminder, a forget me not.

Speaking about the project and explaining more about her work Emma said;

“Using the Sweetheart Pin Cushion the mural will connect up WWI, the Air Corps and the Flower Festival, Beauty from Chaos.”

“I did not want anything too strong as when you look at the surroundings we are in the its very light its very airy all the colours I have gone for and the application of the paint is quite light, free and a little bit loose.”

“For the colours I did not want it to be all dark, black and morbid.  But it still has to have a very clear message which it gives with the aeroplanes, Sweetheart Pin Cushion and the references.”

Artist works on her Mural of the Sweetheart Pin Cushion

Think of me when the golden sun is sinking and your mind from care set free,
When of others you are thinking, will you sometimes think of me.

“It is a splash of colour and makes the area look better, but at the same time I am hoping to intrigue enough to go a little closer and see the little details of the writing along with references to the East and the 47 Squadron Air Corps.”

Emma’s work will be on display for the foreseeable future and in time for the visit of Judges of who are visiting in August.

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