Jacob’s Well Ship First Container Of Aid To Hurricane Hit Barbuda

Jacob’s Well Ship First Container Of Aid To Hurricane Hit Barbuda
Jacob’s Well Ship First Container Of Aid To Hurricane Hit Barbuda

Jacob’s Well have sent its first container of aid to help the devastated island of Barbuda that was hit by a Hurricane.

Jacob’s Well, who are based in has packed up a container of goods that includes a vast array of aid that will be used to help the people in Barbuda get back on their feet.

Commenting on the shipment, a spokesperson for Jacob’s Well said;

“A couple months ago Jacob’s Well was contacted by the High Commission of Barbuda asking for help after the disaster that saw 90pc of the homes destroyed in one night.”

“We sent our medical directors down to London where they met, amongst others, the prime minister of Barbuda Gaston Browne, who was desperately trying to get some help. “

“The total amount of aid they had received in the 7 months since the disaster was £100,000, a drop in the ocean when you consider that so many properties on the island were destroyed.” 

“Jacob’s Well agreed to help, and asked what was needed to be sent and the local doctor said ‘We need everything’ as when the roof blows off a building, everything inside disappears.” 

“That helped us to understand how bad the situation was.  Since then we have been asking around different hospitals and medical suppliers and donations started to come in from around the country.  

“We managed to get 10 hospital beds sent up from St. George’s Hospital in London, from a local supplier an Ultrasound, x-ray machine and cardiac monitors were purchased, and many pallets of bandages and other medical consumables were collected.”

“This container should enable the hospital to get up and running and be able to start treating patients, as the inhabitants gradually start to return.”

People are gradually starting to return to the island, though an estimate by Time Magazine indicated that over $100 million dollars would be required to rebuild homes and crucial infrastructure such as electricity, water supply, communications and waste management.  It is unclear where that money is going to come from. 

If anyone would like to give a donation to help with our Barbuda appeal, please contact us at our office on , Beverley, HU17 0JX, by phone on 01482 881162, or email at office@jacobswellappeal.org or through our web-site at www.jacobswellappeal.org

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