David Pattenden Completes Challenge Spending Over Two Hours In the Pool

David Pattenden Completes Challenge Spending Over Two Hours In the Pool
Completes Challenge Spending Over Two Hours In the Pool

A resident, who spent his 70th birthday in the pool has raised over £500 for .

Using just his arms, It took David 2 hours 10 minutes to complete the 200 lengths of the pool at Leisure Centre, and he has not ruled out taking on another challenge when he is 80.

Speaking to HU17.net about how he felt during the swim,  David said;

 “I felt good most of the time but had doubts that I would finish a few times, after the first 100 and especially near the end.”

“But my wife Ann son Mark and daughter Tracy were there to support me as was Simon from the Dove House Charity shop Dyer Lane which kept me going when it really got tough.”

“Several from the Leisure Centre staff kept popping in to see how I was doing and to give support as well as a few I know from Aqua Aerobics and . Dan Clipson from the hospice funding team also came and took a few photographs.”

“I also kept thinking about the sponsorship monies that had donated so did not want to let them and down.”

David says that while he may not take on the same challenge, he is not ruling out something else in the future, he said;

“I probably won’t do it again as it made me accept that at 70 it is not as easy (never easy though) as when I did the same distance  when I was 55, still you never know.”

“If I ever do another challenge it will either be a shorter swim at 80 (health allowing) perhaps 100 lengths or a completely different challenge.”

Dove House expressed their gratitude to for taking on what they  describe as a monumental challenge 200 lengths using just his arms.

So far he has raised £560, anyone wanting to make a donation online please visit;


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