Hear Stories Of The Blitz, Dance Halls And Hull’s Rich Pop Scene

Hear Stories Of The Blitz, Dance Halls And Hull’s Rich Pop Scene
Hear Stories Of The Blitz, Dance Halls And ’s Rich Pop Scene

A unique online collection of recordings of sharing their memories of dance halls, picture houses and the Blitz has launched.

The oral archive includes colourful stories and experiences of connected to and will be available to listen to for free online at untoldhull.org

This new permanent digital collection forms a unique social archive created from memories of the past.

Untold features over 100 life story recordings as well as special collections exploring subjects as diverse as ’s rich pop music scene, Black African heritage and memories of Newland Avenue in the 1940s and 1950s.

Michelle Alford, Library Services Director, said:

“The Untold Archive is a valuable addition to the Library Service collections. Hearing the past brought to life by the words and voices of ordinary is fascinating and moving.

“It is remarkable to hear evacuation stories, memories of childhood from the 1930s about the dance halls, picture houses, industries, shops, streets and daily life. All of these oral histories come together to create an outstanding collection that reflects the rich heritage of .”

The recordings will also be showcased at a launch event at on Friday from 10am until 5pm.

The recordings will be played throughout the day. can drop in to find out more about the archive and listen to talking about their memories of Hull from the 1930s to the present day.

Online at untoldhull.org there will be a full text search facility which filters recordings by subject including street names, dates and historic events such as the Second World War.

Councillor , Council Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Leisure and and Chair of , said:

“Untold Hull is a fascinating archive of stories which has only been made possible thanks to the fantastic contribution of everybody who has shared their experiences of this great city.

“I encourage everyone to go online and enjoy this brilliant project.”

Untold Hull is a Hull Library Service project funded by the James Reckitt Library Trust.

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