Beverley Civic Society Latest Historic Information Board Installed

Beverley Civic Society Latest Historic Information Board Installed
Beverley Civic Society Latest Historic Information Board Installed

Beverley Civic Society have installed their latest history board at Flemingate as they look to help residents and visitors get a better understanding of the towns past.

Previous boards which are installed at Saturday Market and also at North Bar Within have proved popular with people of all ages as they learn about the past.

John Bird, spokesperson for Beverley Civic Society, said:

“We came up with the idea of placing history boards around Beverley a year or so ago – not just for tourism reasons but also for residents who may be unaware of the fascinating history of Beverley.”

“Flemingate is of huge historical significance to the town – in fact, Flemingate was the earliest Beverley street name recorded back in the late 1100s, so the history board helps today’s residents and visitors appreciate the area’s rich history.”

Graham Tait, Flemingate Centre Manager, said:

“We’d like to congratulate Beverley Civic Society for this initiative and for choosing to site the history board in the heart of the Flemingate centre where it will be seen and appreciated by shoppers and passers-by every day.”

“The board connects Flemingate’s contemporary retail and leisure attractions with the fascinating history of this area.”

“It’s also very relevant, because the Flemingate centre has once again made this part of Beverley a thriving centre of employment and commercial activity, as it was in times past.”

Funded by Wykeland Group, developer and owner of the Flemingate centre, the history board was compiled by Kloskk Tyrer of the East Riding Museums Service, based at the community museum.

Ms Tyrer said;

“I was delighted when the Civic Society approached me to get involved with this history board.

“I’m particularly interested in the industrial heritage of Beverley, so writing the content and selecting the images for the Flemingate history board was a fascinating project.

“Beverley used to be very much an industrial town and the tanning trade was a key part of the town from medieval times until relatively recently.

“It’s important this history is kept alive and it’s great that people viewing the board will be able to discover what was on the site in bygone times.”

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