Why All Inclusive Holidays Offer Peace Of Mind And Great Value

Why All Inclusive Holidays Offer Peace Of Mind And Great Value
Why All Inclusive Holidays Offer Peace Of Mind And Great Value

consultant has outlined why all inclusive holidays for families can offer the perfect solution for their summer holidays.

While going all inclusive does not only offer great value it does not have to mean missing out on exploring the local culture.

With millions of Britons set to go overseas for the summer, all inclusive holidays continue to prove popular with even more locations to choose from.

In 2017 Brits spent over £2.5 billion on their trips overseas. Figures show that around 15pc of Brits prefer an all inclusive holiday saying it offers the best value.

Karl, who runs based Not Just Travel said;

“A lot of people like All Inclusive because they can budget exactly what they are going to spend.”

“As well as knowing how much you will spend it allows something for popping out for the odd excursion, drink or meal.”

“Many places now, the extra cost of All Inclusive over, say, Bed & Breakfast is relatively small. It’s important to check this though and make sure this is the case.”

“As a Consultant, we can see the costs of the various board types, as well as different , so we can easily make this comparison.”

“When finding the right location, as a consultant I make sure clients get the best value, whilst also not missing out on spending time in the local area.”

“I strongly believe people when travelling abroad or should absorb some of the local culture and see the real life and history of the country they are visiting while on vacation.”

“Part of the holiday experience is to explore and enjoy new experiences.”

“While for some sitting by the pool or the beach is enough, many people get a lot more from their holiday by experiencing local life.”

“By going on an all inclusive package, holiday makers get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank.”

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