Lions Get Involved – New Book Aims To Raise Profile Of Lions Club

Lions Get Involved – New Book Aims To Raise Profile Of Lions Club
Lions Get Involved – New Book Aims To Raise Profile Of Lions Club

Beverley Westwood Lions are to circulate a new book as they look to raise awareness of the work undertaken by the group in .

Called Lions Get Involved the book showcases how the local Lions work within the community while also trying and encourage more to get involved with the group.

Speaking about the book, from the Westwood Lions said;

“The book shows all the types of event the Westwood Lions get involved with and we are going to put this out  in various places around .”

“It is very difficult to get over what the Lions do for the simple reason as we do not do just one thing. We work in the local community and we tend to respond to where the need is.”

“In our local community we provide things that cannot get any other way. For example may need help with making a path for a wheel chair, so we help fund that.”

“We support sports groups and have also been asked for a contribution by a local Scouting group.”

“The Westwood Lions are also funding a planter that will be located at the Flemingate Centre that we will keep planted all year round.”

“Almost all the money we raise goes into the local community. The only time we send money outside of the local community if there is a big disaster like a flood.”

“We are also twined with a couple of other Lions clubs in other countries. One of them is in Nepal and we support them in a small way.”

will realise that the Gurkha’s are mainly from Nepal and they have fought for a long time with our country, so we support them by  helping with providing cataract operation’s.”

“Two fold the book is to give an idea of what we do, there are lots of pictures showing the Lions working and there is also contact details encouraging to the Lions and hopefully help us.”

To find out more about the Beverley Westwood Lions please click here

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