Slimming World Beverley – Anthony Oxtoby’s Story

Slimming World Beverley - Anthony Oxtoby's Story
Slimming World – Anthony Oxtoby’s Story

I retired at 60 due to anxiety and depression. I found that sitting at home not wanting to do anything but sit and eat was putting me into a downward spiral, the more I felt depressed the more I ate, the more I ate the more depressed I felt.

My wife Heather was finding that it became harder to keep her weight under control, so one night she said let’s go to Slimming World. I was reluctant at first because it would result in having to meet people. Heather said she would help so I agreed.

The first meeting, on a Saturday at , with Becky our group leader was not as worrying as I expected. The group and Becky were so welcoming and I instantly felt at ease.

The first weigh with Becky confirmed my fears regarding my weight but having the new member talk armed me with the tools to tackle the problem.

I started my journey positively and on my next weigh day lost a few pounds giving me a tremendous boost and also proving to me that this was not a difficult plan and in fact could be quite a lot of fun.

Well to be honest, I didn’t realise what a journey I was embarking on and exactly how much fun it would be.

The date was April 1st, but I was no April fool that day.

Over the next weeks I started to lose the weight and picked up the Awards along the way, my members book became covered in award stickers as I gained another achievement, slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month, 10% award, 1/2 stone, 1 stone, 2 stone they just kept coming, and with it a new confidence and feeling of pride in my progress.

Man of the year, body magic awards all filled the front and back of my members book which gave me an extra incentive to do even better.

I enjoyed looking on line at the website and filling in my progress and seeing the downward falling graph.

Then something else happened, through the body magic section of the Slimming World program I discovered how wonderful it was to have exercise to support Food Maximising.

I joined the local Leisure Centre and attend three Gym sessions and one KettleBell class each week which has transformed the way I look and feel.

My target weight was set at my first meeting and I felt that the target I set was both sensible and achievable, but having become a target member I realised I could do more. I set a new target that I felt happier with and that fitted all the medical guidelines.

So, how have I done, well in five months, following the plan to the best of my ability and complimenting it with exercise, I have transformed myself into a new person, I am now 3 stone lighter having never gained weight in a session I am wearing clothes in sizes I could only dream of, and I feel transformed into a more confident person with the energy to cope with anything, even my five grandchildren.

This has been achieved by the support of Heather my wife, the group, Slimming World for giving me the tools and incentives but mainly myself for changing and believing in me!

Slimming World hold classes at the following times;

– Saturdays 8.30 am and 10.30 am at the in

– Wednesday evenings 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm at Sports and Village Hall

To book a place please call Becky on 07432 830728  / 01482 866738

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