St Mary’s Church Wall Badly Damaged After Car Crashes Into Gate

St Mary’s Church Wall Badly Damaged After Car Crashes Through Gate
St Mary’s Church Wall Badly Damaged After Car Crashes Into Gate

St Mary’s Church was dealt an unexpected blow after motor vehicle came off the road and mounted the pavement smashing into the gate.

The accident, which happened at around midday on Thursday has left St Mary’s without a gate  while a section of the wall has also been removed.

Cllr , who saw the car embedded in the wall said;

“Sadly as I approached I could see a silver Saab wedged  into  the gateway to St Mary’s Church and as I got closer I saw either side were two Police cars.”

“Just the other side of the car I could see the Rev as I passed surveying the damage to the ancient church wall.”

“My first thoughts were I hope no one was injured and of course the wall can be repaired.”

With the festive season in full swing, it is a busy time with people attending St Mary’s Church for the busy schedule of services and concerts. understands no one was hurt as a result of the accident though things could have been very different as the many pedestrians cross Hengate to visit the town centre.

Following an incident in October that saw a car smash into the wall of Beverley Minster, it now means two of the towns best loved land marks have damaged walls.

Cllr Elvidge added;

“As I drove back to work I pounded on what caused the accident, it seemed it had just happened and I thought the ice had gone?”

“But is it me or when things happen near Christmas does it have a greater impact on us?”

St Mary’s Church and Minster are both in the process of raising vital funds to carry out work to help maintain both buildings.

This accident will be a real blow and will certainly not be a cheap repair, however with it being a boundary it will be up to the local authority to pursue the insurance and fund the work.

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