Christmas Tree Festival On Course To Set New Record

Christmas Tree Festival On Course To Set New Record
On Course To Set New Record

Organisers of the at Minster are looking to find five more social groups of businesses to take at this year’s event.

With 95 confirmed participants, they are hoping five more will come forward this year to set a new record of 100 trees – the most they can physically fit in.

Taking place on the 8, 9, 10 December, the Minster attracts thousands of visitors to the church.

Speaking to about the event, said;

“For the Minster this is a really important event. We have been doing this for seven years and we started with just 43 trees and it has grown to almost 100 trees.”

“It is an important event for Minster as it gets people into the church. It is not the money aspect of things, £2 is nothing,  it is about getting people through the door and into the church.”

“Very few people in this country go into churches who are not regular church goers and lots of people from have not even been into the Minster.”

“Loads of visitors come every year for the first time to the Minster and say what a lovely place it is.”

 “It is ludicrous. The Minster is a a community centre. Now we have we are more in the middle of the foot print of .  We used to be on the outer extremities, now we have people walking past it more.”

Last year 6,200 visited the as the volume of people attending grows year on year. Organisers now want to get the magic 100 trees and are appealing for people to come forward and take the last five trees.

Mr. Mounstephen added;

“We have a had a few groups drop out this year. and Beverley Photographic Group, who both do nice trees are not taking part, neither is the Shopping Centre.”

“However are back after a year out and the ‘saucy’ money is on them to win the most votes and the competition.”

Anyone wishing to take part can do so by emailing – a donation of £45 is required though you can keep your tree after the event if you desire.

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