Additional Support Needed For Local Dementia Charity

Additional Support Needed For Local Dementia Charity
Additional Support Needed For Local Dementia Charity

Dementia Friendly East Riding is a local charity based in the area and celebrates almost twelve months of supporting people with dementia, their carer`s and families.

It`s success has led to a point where there is a need to recruit additional trustees and volunteers to help carry through the intended programme for 2018.

The charities key aims are to raise awareness and understanding about dementia and to organise practical activities to allow people with dementia to enjoy some “time out and about” in a safe and social environment.

chairman and trustee with the charity said;

“We have achieved a great deal already in 2017 with a small team of trustees and volunteers. However, we do really need additional support at this time to enable the good work to continue to progress. As a trustee you will be involved for just a few hours per month, or simply whatever time you can give.”

“Attending trustee meetings to review progress and plan for the future is part of the role, but more important are the skills and experience, ideas and commitment you can bring in support of those people who are living positively with dementia in their local community”

To date the charity has delivered five community based projects. “Looking Beyond” is a campaign to challenge perceptions of dementia using photographs and captions. It is currently touring public sites in Hull and East Yorkshire until April 2018.

A bi monthly dementia friendly film screening at the in now attracts over seventy people who enjoy some nostalgia and share happy memories watching some of the most popular films of the past sixty years.

The second reminisce sensory garden built in the grounds of is being enjoyed by patients, staff and visitors and the charity has secured funding to build a third garden next year on a site yet to be identified.

The Forget Me Not Flower Competition has successfully involved local schools and care homes in creative arts and crafts and will run for a third time in 2018. Finally, the charities “Champions” deliver awareness training sessions to businesses and other organisations to educate front line staff in particular to be more aware of the needs and behaviours in interacting with people who have dementia.

East Riding Dementia Friendly has recently formed a partnership with to deliver training to students and staff across the and campuses in the charities efforts to engage with young people.

If you are interested in supporting a friendly and welcoming group of trustees, you can visit our website for more information or phone 01482 868082 to arrange an informal chat to find out more about what is involved.

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