GCSE Results 2017 – Success For East Riding Schools

GCSE Results 2017 - Success For East Riding Schools
GCSE Results 2017 – Success For East Riding Schools

Students at East Riding secondary schools have achieved their best ever GCSE results.

The East Riding is one of the best performing of the Yorkshire and the Humber authorities in the results which have been published, with some of the best Attainment 8 and Progress 8 scores in the north of England.

The new accountability measures for schools are published in provisional figures released by the Department for .

The main measure is Progress 8, which judges schools by the average progress made by students from their starting point at secondary school to the end of year 11, in eight GCSE subjects. Attainment 8 shows the students attainment score in the same group of eight subjects.

, Head of and Schools said:

“These results are underpinned by many outstanding stories of hard work and application as well as committed teaching and support. We look forward to further improving inspection outcomes for East Riding schools, building on the foundation of this year’s results.

“We are proud of the work done by young people throughout the East Riding, with the support of their carers and families. We greatly appreciate the hard work of head teachers, teaching and support staff that have contributed to these results.”

Schools in the East Riding have performed well again this year, making progress above the national average, but statistically in line.

The Progress 8 and Attainment 8 measure in the East Riding is one of the best Yorkshire and Humber and in the top third of local authorities in national league tables.

Councillor , portfolio holder for children, young people and , said;

“We are delighted with the improvement that many East Riding schools have brought about this year. This is down to the hard work of young people and their families supported by dedicated school staff.

is committed to improving East Riding schools until we have the some of the best in the country. The results have been achieved against a backdrop of the very low level of funding for East Riding schools from the Department for .

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