TDY Benefit From Having Beverley As Part Of Their Product Says Cllr

TDY Benefit From Having Beverley As Part Of Their Product Says Cllr
TDY Benefit From Having As Part Of Their Product Says Cllr

Local councillor has welcomed the news that is set to feature again in the 2018 adding it works both ways.

Cllr Healy, who represents St Mary’s ward in says that while its good for the town it is also good for the to have as part of their product.

Commenting on the news that the will visit the town for the third time in four years and is in line for either stage start or finish, Cllr Healy said;

“Most of the comments about this news relate to the benefits that will receive as a result of getting the again.”

“It is great news for the local traders, as it will help increase their turnover due to the extra visitors to the town.”

“Local also get a chance to enjoy a great spectacle, and all of that is great for .”

“However, I just wanted to make the additional point that the itself is enhanced by Beverley opening our doors to accommodate it.”

“It is a partnership after all, and The Tour’s product offering and overall appeal is significantly boosted if it is able to offer Beverley, one of the most delightful market towns in England, as one of its starts or finishes.”

Last year a record number of watched the Tour de Yorkshire with organisers of the Tour de Yorkshire saying it generated £64m in revenue for the county.

Beverley staged a start in 2016 and was featured on TV reaching millions of viewers across the globe.

Beverley alone with the other locations named will have to wait until December to learn exactly how they will fit into the race.

The 2018 Tour de Yorkshire is set to place from Thursday, 3 to Sunday, 6 May 2018.

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