UNISON Condemns Derisory And Divisive Pay Offer

UNISON Condemns Derisory And Divisive Pay Offer
UNISON Condemns Derisory And Divisive Pay Offer

The Staff UNISON branch condemns the decision by the government to only offer pay rises to Police Officers and Prison Officers as divisive and derisory.

Branch Secretary Tony Green warns “Yet again our Police Staff members are forgotten and once again are being treated like a second class workforce, despite providing essential services for our communities and making up 40% of the police workforce nationally.

“This is a shoddy attempt at smoke and mirrors by a government in crisis continuing to come under pressure for failing our essential public services.

“It is an attempt to ‘divide and conquer’ public sector workers will not succeed. We will continue to lead the fight to get the pay rise all public sector workers deserve and need.

Mr Green added;

“Our Police Staff members are underpaid and overworked in a police service that is underfunded by central government and as a consequence does not have the people it needs to provide the service it should.

“Our hard working Police Staff members have suffered seven long years of pay cuts and are thousands of pounds worse off. Our members will not tolerate further cuts to pay and living standards.”

MPs however have enjoyed a a second pay rise earlier in the year as they saw they salaries increased from £67,000 pa to £76,011 plus additional cash for iving expeneses, staff costs and travel allowence.

This is stark contrast to those working in the public sector who are struggling to make ends meet.
During last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, said public sector workers were doing a
vital job in often harrowing circumstances.

She added that the government would wait for the publication of the police and prison officers’ pay review bodies’ reports before deciding its policy framework for 2018-2019.

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