Minster Primary School Welcome MP As Pupils Learn About Democracy

Minster Primary School Welcome MP As Pupils Learn About Democracy
Minster Primary School Welcome MP As Pupils Learn About Democracy

Beverley Minster Primary School welcomed a special guest into the school as pupils got a chance to learn more about democracy.

MP Graham Stuart was invited to be officially handed a project that aims to put pressure on leaders in the developed world to support global education.

The MP for Beverley & Holderness also enjoyed a music and took questions from the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils about his decision to get into politics and about his work in general.

Mr. Stuart was impressed with the standard of questions asked by pupils, he said;

“I am not sure I have ever been in school where there were so many hands up so many questions so persistent, with pupils asking me why I became MP to why I posed with Pepper Pig. It was relentless, but the children were engaging.”

“The rap was fantastic. Lewis & Blake did a great job with their rap. The whole focus of the programme was to make sure that every child in the world has access to the great education that is available here.

“Pupils at the school have put together jigsaw pieces to carry the message to me to make sure the funding is there and that world leaders carry on doing a good job supporting global education, something the government has done since David Cameron was PM.”

Miss Amanda Whitlam, from Beverley Minster Primary School said;

“We chose this campaign as it fits well with our values and covered everything we are learning in Religious Education, including democracy.”

“The main aim of taking part in the ‘Send My Friend a School’ was to teach the children how to campaign, understanding that process and to have a voice.”

“This was part of a national incentive to give messages on the jigsaw pieces to the International Minister about how we can fund education in other countries and how lucky we are with the facilities we have in schools today.”

Mr. Stuart said he would welcome a chance to visit the pupils again and also invited the school to visit him in his place of work.

Mr. Stuart said;

“I would be delighted to come back to the school, but I am keen to bring people and businesses into schools so children can see their opportunities are not limited.”

“I would love to see them come down to Parliament, so they can see the home of democracy. They can come and see me there and be reminded that I work for them, and their parents are my boss.”

The MP also welcomed the fact young children were learning the value of campaigning for their beliefs saying.

 “The best advice I can give all the pupils is question everything, as nothing is entirely just as it seems.”

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