Major Roadworks Project is a ‘Concern’ For Residents – Denis Healy

Major Roadworks Project is a ‘Concern’ For Residents – Denis Healy
Major Roadworks Project is a ‘Concern’ For Residents – Denis Healys

St Mary’s Ward Councillor says he shares the concerns of residents over the prospect of another ‘debacle’ during the roadworks planned in Molescroft.

Cllr Healy was speaking following the announcement by ’s about their £1.145million scheme to improve the A1079 Killingwoldgraves Roundabout.

Set to start on the 11 September, motorists using the junction could face weeks of delays, something Cllr Healy says they are concerned about, he said;

“Local residents are concerned that once again they might be facing the prospect of lengthy traffic delays as they go about their daily business.”

“The memories of the debacle with the new link road in Molescroft this time last year and the chaos it caused for weeks on end are still fresh in people’s minds.”

“These new roadworks on a major thoroughfare from Beverley to Hull are a new concern, both at the roundabout itself and on surrounding roads as people potentially take steps to avoid it.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council say that the works will result in major benefits for road users at this important interchange.

Cllr Healy feels the scheme is in fact linked to ‘relentless development’ projects, he said;

“The road infrastructure has to be improved to accommodate the Council’s strategy of relentless development, but there has been no consultation with Ward Councillors over this, particularly over timing.”

“In particular I want to know why they have waited until the schools go back before starting these roadwork’s.”

“It would have been better to start in summer when the roads were quieter.”

“The Council say that this project will be completed by the end of this year, but we all remember the overrun on the Molescroft link Road, and I will be asking what penalties will be imposed on the contractor for potential delays here.”

“I really hope we are not in for another dark autumn of traffic frustration as last year, but I can understand residents’ concerns even before the first traffic cone has appeared.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have apologised for any inconvenience caused to motorists during these works.

They say that they have been scheduled outside of peak hours to minimise any disruption.

The Council hope that road users will bear with them whilst they complete something they feel is a very important project.

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