Lib Dems Will Put Pressure On ‘Conservative Bosses’ at County Hall

Lib Dems Will Put Pressure On ‘Conservative Bosses’ at County Hall
Lib Dems Will Put Pressure On ‘Conservative Bosses’ at County Hall

says that the Lib Dems are fighting for more affordable homes to be built in the East Riding adding that council are not meeting their targets.

In his latest edition the Cllr says that his party are putting pressure on the ‘Conservative Bosses’ at County Hall to deliver on their targets for affordable homes.

He goes on to claim that the local authority are not meeting the targets outlined for the number of affordable homes being built in area.

In his news letter Cllr Healy said;

“Currently the council is missing its own targets on affordable homes, whilst letting developers build more expensive properties.”

“It is really important that the council honours its own commitments on affordable homes. We will continue to hold the council to account over this.”

Cllr Healy who was elected in October 2016 to represent St Mary’s Ward has been back out speaking to residents and keeping them informed through his news letter.

Since he was elected Cllr Healy has continued to grow his profile, reputation and respect in the community as he looks to work for the good of the people he represents.

Other topics he touches on include the issues faced by Swinemoor Residents who are blighted by commuters who leave their cars parked on the estate all day.

He is also actively tackling the proposals by Northern Rail to cut to the direct service between and Doncaster, a vital link for the town and those wishing to travel to .

Cllr Healy said;

“We have had direct trains for over a decade, if this proposal goes ahead it add time to peoples journeys and discourage people from visiting. The loss of this service will seriously inconvenience many people.”

“The work hard for the community all year round and my pledge is for us to continue doing that for everyone in and Molescroft.”

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