Council Decide Not To Proceed With Sale of Archery Field Land

Council Decide Not To Proceed With Sale of Archery Field Land
Council Decide Not To Proceed With Sale of Archery Field Land

have decided not to proceed with the proposed sale of a part of the Archery Field.

Residents raised their concerns over plans to sell off 62 square meters of land amid fears the land could, if sold end up being developed on.

In a statement released an East Riding of Yorkshire Council Spokesperson said;

“After careful consideration, the council has decided not to proceed with a request to purchase some amenity land at Archery Field, .”

“As per the requirements of the Local Government Act 1972, the council issued a notice of its proposal to dispose of the land and received many representations from the local community.”

“The council considered the application on its own merits and weighed this against the responses received from residents.”

“In reaching its decision, the council has determined that proceeding with the disposal of the land would not be practicable and has rejected the request.”

Cllr Denis Healy offered his support at the time, he welcomed the news that the land would not be sold, speaking to .net he said;

“People making their voices heard saved this field in the end, I am delighted with the decision.”

“Many people felt it was this was the thin edge of the wedge and were concerned that this would lead to the selling off of more parcels of land, where does the line get drawn?”

“It just goes to show  the importance of people power. The council listened to what they said and came to the right decision.”

“People do not want to see their green spaces trashed, They want them preserved. There was a great swell of public feeling that this space should be preserved.”

“The council were inundated with letters, it was not just down to me, people made their voices heard that is the most important thing.”

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