MP Pushes NHS England To Improve Dentist Availability In Beverley & Holderness

MP Pushes NHS England To Improve Dentist Availability In Beverley & Holderness
MP Pushes To Improve Dentist Availability In & Holderness

, Member of Parliament for and Holderness, has pressed to improve the provision of NHS dentistry across the local area.

Of the practices listed by as providing access for patients in , none are currently accepting new NHS patients, and the situation is little better in the rest of the constituency. Residents have been told that they will need to travel as far as or Hull in the hope of obtaining dentistry through the NHS.

Having discovered this, Graham wrote to Moira Dumma, Director of Commissioning Operations for Yorkshire and the Humber at , to press her to remedy the situation.

Concerns also remain over unacceptable waiting times in many cases. There exists no statutory minimum requirement for the maximum waiting times, although stress that practices are encouraged to do ‘everything possible’ to minimise delays.

Graham said: “It is concerning to see local residents forced to travel elsewhere in order to receive the NHS that they deserve. I am urging NHS England to review the current availability that they provide in and Holderness, which is clearly not up to scratch.”

In a letter to Mr Stuart, Ms Dumma commented: “NHS England is committed to ensuring that all patients that wish to access NHS can do so and we are currently reviewing how we can improve access to NHS dentists across our region and looking at how we can introduce additional capacity from within our existing budget.

“We are looking at both in-hours and out of hours’ services and at how people can be better signposted to the most appropriate services. We will be paying particular attention to areas where we know this is particularly challenging. We hope to have completed this work in the next few months.”

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