Justin Hunter Puts Himself Through Hell To Help Animal Rescue Centre

Justin Hunter Puts Himself Through Hell To Help Animal Rescue Centre
Puts Himself Through Hell To Help Animal Rescue Centre

Local man has taken on a challenge to walk 100 miles in just five days to raise money for the .

Mr. Hunter who is 34 and works for the prison service has taken on the challenge that will see him walk the 20 – a route that runs between the and Minster.

Speaking to .net about his challenge Mr. Hunter said;

“I’m doing the walk for a number of reasons. Firstly, I underwent weight-loss surgery in 2014 as I was struggling to do anything due to my obesity.”

“So since losing the weight I’ve wanted to do something to try and make a difference Give something back if you like.”

“As a result, a result I have set myself a challenge to walk 1000 miles within a year. This is part of the country walking challenge.”

“Currently, I am on leave from work, and I need to keep myself out of mischief too!”

“The 100 miles in five days just seemed to fit. I enjoy walking the 20 routes, and I had time spare.”

“I’ve never walked 100 miles in under a week, before so I thought I would challenged myself to 100 miles in five days. For this challenge, I walked the same route every day with slight variances to assist with logistics, But the start and finish points were the same.”

Mr. Hunter is helping to raise funds for the local branch of the RSPCA who are trying to raise a million pounds to update their rescue centre on Clough Road in .

He said;

“Choosing the RSPCA was easy. I admire the work they do, and I know that the centre in on Clough road is trying to fund a refurbishment.

“Also when you are lucky enough to have someone special in your life it’s only natural that something they are passionate about will rub off on you.”

Sadly due to injury, Mr. Hunter had to pull out of his challenge just 8 miles short of reaching his target, he said;

“On the final day I reached Skidby, I was soaking wet and my feet were in agony. I had a moment of clarity and thought if I did not quit I could end up as a casualty in a bush somewhere.”

“In all I have raised just over £ 120, plus I have some more finds to add to that from the tin I have been rattling on the walk, as I have not finished I don’t think I will get any more donations.”

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