Helping Deliver Beverley’s Best Christmas Light Display

Helping Deliver Beverley’s Best Christmas Light Display
Helping Deliver ’s Best Light Display

The Group expects to see lit up like never before this year, as they continue to raise funds towards 2017’s lighting display.

The architecture of naturally lends itself to the festive season, attracting thousands each year to the lights switch on.

This year, wishing to enhance the town with a more ambitious display, the group have put tins in various shops in the town where locals can contribute their donations.

Some businesses have even taken the fund raising a step further, , of raised a total of £610 by organising a prize draw.

, the secretary of the Group, expressed thanks to Kerris for her support.

“We are aiming to increase the festive lights in the town and support like this is greatly appreciated. We would like to thank Kerris and also all of the traders in the town who donated prizes, which made the raffle so successful.”

“Because of its layout is a unique town and it can be difficult to light up at time, especially the and areas.”

“We hope we are getting there and will continue to plan fund raising events throughout the year.”

However, the group only have until September to raise sufficient funds because orders for new lights must be made by then in order to have them delivered in time for the festive season. Despite this, Prue remains confident that the group’s goals can be achieved:

“If every family contributed just £1, imagine what we could achieve.”

Look out for the donation tins in shops in to make a contribution.

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