Police To Clamp Down On Young People Using Fake ID

Police To Clamp Down On Young People Using Fake ID
Police To Clamp Down On Young People Using Fake ID

are teaming up with and clubs throughout the area to raise awareness in the implications and dangers of young people using other people’s ID or bogus ID.

This follows reports from licensed premises that young people are increasingly trying to enter using fraudulent using passports or driving licences – often belonging to older siblings or older friends.

Inspector Alex Weeks from the Community Safety Unit said;

“There are a lot of young people that will try and use a fake ID or someone else’s to get into venues. They see it as something of a success if they get past the door staff.”

“What they don’t appreciate is that the age restriction in place are there to protect them, as they are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. While drunk young people are more likely to act in an irresponsible manner leaving them vulnerable to being the victim or offender of crime.”

The use of fake, altered or use of someone else’s ID, is an offence and can lead to a criminal prosecution for those using the ID or supplying of real ID to siblings or friends. The offence can result in individuals being charged or a fine.

Alex added:

“We are working closely with licensed premises asking them to seize any fake or fraudulently used ID. The driving licences and passports that are often used will then be returned to the or the passport office.”

“In the case of the passport the issuing office can and often does then refuse or delay in issuing a replacement given that the document has been returned under fraudulent circumstances. Those caught using them may also be visited by officers re-iterating the issue and taking appropriate action with those involved to prevent further offending.”

“I appreciate for many young people getting into clubs or being served in is a game and is often seen as a rite of passage to adulthood, however I would urge them not to risk putting themselves in harm’s way or even risking a criminal record which could limit their future hopes and aspirations.”

Mark Hall from the Welly Night Club in Hull said:

“The police have the full support of the management team and security personnel at The Welly in this initiative.”

“The misuse of ID has escalated significantly over the past few years and we see underage drinkers trying to gain entry to The Welly with older brother’s or sister’s ID, or their own doctored ID, every week.”

“This practice also puts the clubs and of Hull at risk. If underage drinkers were discovered in The Welly, for example, we could lose our premises license and we would close down as we can’t trade without one. My advice….. Wait until you’re 18.”

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