Mindset Trial Boosts Confidence For Female Ex-Offenders

Mindset Trial Boosts Confidence For Female Ex-Offenders
Mindset Trial Boosts Confidence For Female Ex-Offenders

A unique programme set up in Hull is helping the (TWP) improve the future prospects of some of Hull’s most vulnerable women by improving their self-confidence.

Mindset specialist, has developed the programme which focusses on the specific issues facing young women in Hull who are trapped in damaging lifestyles for most of their adult lives.

TWP helps women develop skills for employability and encourages them to move away from negative and damaging lifestyles. With branches across Yorkshire, it has a wide range of programmes and in Hull specialises in substance misuse, domestic abuse, finance and problems.

Sheila says:

“I believe that with the right mindset, we as human beings can achieve anything we want and by putting together and following an action plan it is possible to turn lives around.”

“Many of the women at TWP have what is described as chaotic lifestyles and quite often they have been trapped in a cycle where a life of crime might seem like the easiest option under the negative influence of their peers. We have completed a trial to test the programme and each candidate noted benefits to their way of thinking. The workshops involve tried and tested mind-management techniques to build self-confidence and look at their lives from a different view point. We are showing these women that they can change their lives around if they really want to.”

TWP became an independent charity in April 2009 and with support from local experts, the programme delivers a variety of support workshops to meet the needs of women who find it difficult to access mainstream services, it allows women to move out of crime and into positive futures.

Hannah Winskell, Key Worker from TWP explains:

“I have been working with Sheila on our group sessions. We have noticed a marked improvement in the way our ladies think about themselves. By tackling the issues that affect vulnerable individuals, we hope to see a reduction in the cycle of re-offending, improve communities and provide savings for the public purse.”

“We aim to help women into jobs they can enjoy and can be confident to move into social circles that support their new way of life, having a positive mindset can only aid our service.”

“By living in secure and receiving financial support, our clients’ lives can get back on-track and quite often, they want to become mentors to other vulnerable women, to continue the positive cycle and put something back into their local community.”

“As a charity we rely heavily on advice from local professionals and we are delighted that Sheila has offered this unique approach. We are very excited to see the impact it has on our service and hope it can be rolled out across the UK.”

For more information about please visit www.togetherwomen.org and www.sheilagranger.com

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