Crime In The East Riding On The Increase According To Latest Figures

Crime In The East Riding On The Increase According To Latest Figures
In The East Riding On The Increase According To Latest Figures

Reported crimes in the East Riding of Yorkshire have seen a 13pc increase according to latest figures published by Office of National Statistics.

Figures show that for the 12 months to September 2016 when compare to September 2015 a sharp increase in Robbery, Violent and Theft.

Police and Commissioner Keith Hunter says lack of money means some areas, like the East Riding are yet to get additional resources, he said;

“More resources are yet to go into Grimsby, but also Scunthorpe, the East Riding and . The numbers are limited due to finances but I will be working closely with the force to identify where I can find more money to put into getting even more officers and PCSOs into communities.”

“That is what the public tell me they want and that is what I am working to provide.”

“Police officers’ and PCSOs’ feet on the ground in areas where there is a need for them makes a real difference to peoples’ lives and levels of .”

“In spite of ongoing cuts to funding I will work hard to get as many officers and PCSOs into communities as is possible, working in a more joined-up approach.”

The rise in in the East Riding of Yorkshire is greater than that of the region as a whole and has seen the biggest increase alongside .

Robbery saw the biggest increase with 50pc more crimes being reported over the 12 month period. Sexual Offences reported were also up with 504 crimes reported equating to 21pc increase.

The only crimes to see a fall of any significance was Drug related Offences which fell in the East Riding by 21pc when compared to the same period in 2015.

Over all are 37th in the national table with the region seeing an overall increase of 9pc in the number of reported crimes in the region.

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