HULL 2017 : Try Something New With Challenge Hull

HULL 2017 : Try Something New With Challenge Hull
HULL 2017 : Try Something New With Challenge Hull

has teamed up with the national campaign 64 Million Artists and schools, communities and organisations across Hull to encourage everyone in the city to try something new.

As part of the 64 Million Artists initiative, which aims to unlock the potential of everyone in the UK through creativity, Hull 2017 is inviting 52 organisations from across the city to Challenge Hull by setting a different creative task each week.

Starting on Monday 2 January, the project aims to unlock the potential of Hull’s 250,000 residents.

Tasks will be released weekly on a Monday morning and range from drawing a view from your city, to making from old rubbish, to forming a giant conga line.

The tasks have all been set by different groups in the city ranging from primary and secondary schools to the National Citizen Service, The Goodwin Development Trust, Mencap and Age UK. Residents from across the city are invited to complete the tasks and post the results on social media – showing the world what Hull can do.

Jo Hunter from 64 Million Artists said: “We’re inviting everyone in Hull and beyond to do something new and celebrate their creativity, to be proud of their passion, and show their flair. It is about having a go, not about being an expert.”

Martin Green, CEO and Director of Hull 2017, added:

“Challenge Hull is about unlocking the creativity to be found all across our fantastic city. There’s no need to worry about perfection, it’s all about getting involved. Writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, discovering, exploring, performing, photographing – there’s something for everyone.”

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  1. Where do you find the weekly challenge? It is difficult to find I have been on the web page and typed in but not come up.

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