Boutique No1 : New Shop Offering Ladies Fashion Opens in Beverley

Boutique No1 : New Shop Offering Ladies Fashion Opens in Beverley

Boutique No1 : New Shop Offering Ladies Fashion Opens in Beverley

A new shop specialising in affordable , Boutique No1, has opened on in .

Helen Overton, who has spent 18 years working in the retail sector locally in will manage the business on behalf of a partnership who own this and other stores around the UK.

Speaking about Boutique No1, Helen said;

“At Boutique No1 we sell ladies clothing and which are sourced from all over the UK. The owners spend a lot of time finding the right pieces that can be sold from the shop.”

“Our products change so quickly so there is always something new for to browse when they pop into the shop.”

“We only have a limited number of each of the items that we sell and when they have gone they are gone, which is great for the customer as it means they will not see other out locally wearing the same clothes.”

“While our fashions are mainly aimed at ladies who are 30 years and older, feedback from customers of a different age have said what we it is very good and appealing to them.”

“A few younger ladies, below 20, have also come into the shop and they too are really complimentary about the styles of clothes we and the other we sell.”

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“Since we opened feedback has been really positive. Our being here is already starting to spread through word of mouth so we are confident this shop will be a success.”

As a thriving market town a number of new small businesses have been making the move to as they look to become part of the successful high street.

Helen said the owners of the shop were keen to find an opening in , she said;

“One of the owners lives in Hull and she has always wanted to have a shop in . This was the perfect opportunity to open in the town.”

Boutique No1 is Monday through to Saturday between 9.30AM and 5PM and is located on .

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