Quickly Adjusting To Rural Life On The Broadband Fast Lane

Quickly Adjusting To Rural Life On The Broadband Fast Lane

Living on a farm just outside Bishop Burton, near Beverley, the Brumfield family have campaigned for several years for a reasonable internet connection to be made available, and even demonstrated their slow connection, using a carrier pigeon which transported a message to a recipient in Lincolnshire, faster than the time taken to send a simple email to the same place.

Michelle Brumfield says:

“My landline internet connection was so slow it was virtually non-existent and incredibly frustrating, having to wait ages for a simple Google page to load and sometimes we couldn’t use it at all.”

“The nearest street cabinet is fibre enabled but our house is situated too far away to benefit from BT Infinity as it would cost too much for them to dig up the roads and fields to lay the fibre in our direction.”

“I am very pleased to say that we now have a much simpler and more reliable solution, receiving a wireless internet connection through , beamed from a mast at Imerys on .”

“This new connection enables me to run the farm office more efficiently when completing VAT returns, PAYE forms, internet banking and I can also now submit other agricultural documentation which saves so much time.”

“Plus, my family and I can now stream films with no buffering, safe to say we are quickly adjusting to life in the broadband fast lane.”

, managing director of say:

“We are delighted that the Brumfields are happy and reaping all the benefits that come with a reliable internet connection.”

“Having only recently launched our Superfast Beverley Project, our engineers are busy installing new connections across the town.”

“One of the many benefits of wireless broadband is the ability to get rid of the telephone landline as we don’t need this to provide the service. Instead we secure a small device to the roof of the property, whether a or residence and we can provide superfast internet within a couple of hours.”

For information about ’s superfast broadband service, visit www..co.uk or call 01482 247365.

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