Travel In Style – But Make Sure It’s Safe

Travel In Style - But Make Sure It's Safe

People booking luxury private hire cars to get them to and from events like and their end of year school prom in style this summer are been urged to make sure the transport they use is licensed correctly.

There is a growing trend for booking luxury cars such as Mercedes, Porsches and Rolls Royces for race days, , special events and airport runs.

Operators however still have to adhere to the same licensing rules and standards as those who offer private hire, stretch limousines and novelty vehicles for hire.

, portfolio holder for community involvement and local partnerships at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said:

“Our message is don’t swap style for safety.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people booking luxury cars to take them to events but people need to check these vehicles are licensed and the driver is safe and fully vetted.

“Many people carry out their own checks on stretch limousines and novelty vehicles but these luxury cars are no different.

“There are a number of different licenses available for different types of vehicles but the key question to ask when making bookings is ‘what type of license do you hold and can I see a copy?’

“Remember, an unlicensed vehicle could very easily be an unsafe vehicle or be uninsured.”

Operating any private hire vehicle without the correct license is a criminal offence with rogue operators facing a maximum fine of £1,000 while operating or driving without the required license may also invalidate any insurance.

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