Beverley Braves U11s Just Edge Out Dockers

Beverley Braves U11s Just Edge Out Dockers

After a disappointing result against a good Wyke side on the last outing, Beverley had to dust themselves off and go back to the drawing board for another tough match against away.

kicked off with a good deep kick putting Beverley under pressure from the start. Some strong carries by saw them to half way but the first handling error of the game saw Dockers get their first attack of the game.

Dockers put together some strong running and good hands to force Beverley back towards their own try line. Beverley stood strong with some bone crunching tackles by Sam Bayes and Jacob Parkinson, only to be out done by George Youngs, who picked up a coaches award for his tackling.

Beverley continued to commit handling errors, failing to complete a full set of tackles on numerous occasions.

With Dockers applying the pressure and Beverley holding out, they forced a Dockers handling error. With some slick hands and quick runs from dummy half James Marr crossed for Beverley’s first try of the day which he also converted. Dockers applied pressure on Beverley straight from the restart.

Beverley initially held Dockers out, but another Beverley handling error saw Dockers breach Beverley’s defensive line for the first time.

The game then was mainly played on and around the half way line with both sides cancelling each other out with some great defence.

Another slick move saw Beverley move the ball to both wings and back again with some excellent handling, which saw a debut try for Dan Stevens.

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A handling error from the restart saw Beverley capitalise with James Marr scoring his second try which was converted by .

The second half was a mirror image of the first. A deep kick to start followed by some big collisions saw Dockers penned into their own half.

Beverley failed to capitalise on some good pressure and then a lack of concentration saw them concede two quick long range tries one of which was converted. With some motivational words from the coaches, Beverley got back to playing rugby with a great line break from resulting in a try in the corner. A run which saw Louix pick up one of the coaches awards.

Dockers again came back all guns blazing with some bigger runs from their forwards resulting in another try.

Beverley dug deep and threw everything at Dockers with Sam Bayes crossing for their last try of the game which he also converted.

The game had one more twist up its sleeve with Dockers crossing the Beverley line again to make for a nail biting last two minutes.

Beverley, believing they were behind played some desperate rugby resulting in Sam Bayes being tacked just short of the line. The final whistle sounded and to the relief of Beverley, they edged the win by two points.

Man of the match was awarded to James Marr for his two tries and exceptional ball play in the first half.

Final Score: 24 26

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