TC Patisserie in Beverley Win Good Food Award

TC Patisserie in Beverley Win Good Food Award

Thierry Condette owner of TC Patisserie in Beverley says that winning their latest award is very gratifying as it was unexpected and won based on their customers experience.

Mr. Condette who started his business on Beverley Market some 10 years ago and has won a string of awards, but the Good Food Award has really pleased him.

Speaking to he said;

“We had no clue that we were even in for this award. The first we knew of it was about a month ago when they contacted us to tell us we had one.”

“All we know is that it is based on customer feedback, so I would like to thank all our customers for their support as it was a great surprise to win.”

While Mr. Condette is the owner, he feels this award is reflection not on him but the people who work at TC Patisserie, he said;

“In all, I have seven people working here that are made up of full-time and part-time staff. To me, they are like my family, and we all work well together.”

“Because the people here work really hard and don’t look like some sort robot it makes me proud to be working here with them.”

“If a customer comes in and thinks wow I have had a great time, and the service was good they leave a tip. That’s a reflection on their efforts, proof they are working hard.”

“It’s not about us being the best Patisserie it is about us looking after all our customers and trying to do something different for them.”

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As an award, this is quite unique, unlike the recent Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards where business nominated themselves this was done purely based on Merritt and customer feedback, Mr. Condette said;

“This award is very important for me. For most industry awards you put yourself forward. We all put ourselves forward as to win an award is good for publicity.”

“To win an award you do not just enter yourself but instead is based on what customers say is more gratifying for us, it really is just a brilliant feeling.”

Not only did TC Patisserie win they are the only business in Beverley to be acknowledged with the next nearest business being based in nearby Hornsea.

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