Town Criers Come From Far Afield For World’s Loudest Voice Record Attempt

Town Criers Come From Far Afield For World’s Loudest Voice Record Attempt

Britain’s finest town criers will come together in to take part in a spectacular two-day competition as part of celebrations to mark the 20-year milestone of the reformation of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Coming from as far as Liverpool, Stafford, Kendal and Lincoln, 12 town criers, including the current world champion, will attempt to set three new records, including the World’s Loudest Voice and the World’s Quietest Cry.

The contest begins in true ear-splitting style at ’s on Friday, April 1, at 10.30am, where shoppers and visitors will be able to hear the town criers attempt to set a new record for the World’s Loudest Voice.

Graham Tait, Centre Manager, said: “ is delighted to be part hosting the town crier event.

“It’s a great opportunity for to showcase what it does best – a mixture of old and new, pageantry, festival and fun.

“The two-day event will have something for everyone and will hopefully appeal to a wide variety of visitors and townspeople alike”

The contest continues at midday at the town’s historic when East Riding of Yorkshire’s Town Crier and host, , will attempt to secure a second world record title in the unlikely sounding World’s Quietest Cry contest, through a specially-written birthday proclamation celebrating 20 years of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

’s Coastal Voices Choir will help sing Happy Birthday and special guest, CBBC and television presenter, , will conduct a special three cheers to the county.

The celebrations will include a slice of birthday cake for spectators – baked and sponsored by -based Vanessa’s Deli – along with a free tasting of specially brewed ‘Anniversary Ale’, by Yorkshire Brewing Company.

Current British Champion Town Crier Michael will deliver his award- winning home cry, followed by each town crier in turn, before they make their way back to , for the launch of a Yorkshire Champion Club and ale tasting – courtesy of Yorkshire Brewing Company – at Deli No1.

The town criers will mingle with shoppers for the rest of the afternoon and prepare for day two of the competition.

Graham said: “The event further emphasises the importance of as an integral part of .

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“The town criers will be staying at the new 80-room for the weekend, within easy walking distance of the centre of Beverley, and the procession of criers through the town is expected to be one of the event highlights.”

The celebrations on Saturday, April 2, begin at 11am at with a parade down Toll Gavel and on to Flemingate for the weekend’s third world record attempt – a “Bells up” to the county.

Spectators are encouraged to participate in the attempt to set the record for the most people gathered in one place ringing bells. This will consist of a one-minute noise, not just of town criers’ bells, but also the bells of and anything bell-sounding, such as bicycle bells, mobile phone ringtones or alarm clocks.

said: “Bells are deeply rooted in British culture. They provide a soundtrack to historic moments and to get written in the history books the record for having the most people gathered in one place ringing bells is an exciting challenge.

“Flemingate has certainly rung in the changes within the county as a must-visit venue for leisure and retail that complements Beverley’s existing attractions.

“With the Minster as a backdrop and the open floor space of Flemingate, it’s a perfect stage for all kinds of events to take place – the celebrations for East Riding on its 20th birthday being the first of many.”

-based noise measurement experts, Cirrus Research, will be on hand to adjudicate the fiercely-contended competition on both days, concluding with the final part of the contest – a full-length cry on the theme of the .

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