Swinemoor News : 50 Bulletins and Counting

Swinemoor News : 50 Bulletins and Counting Swinemoor News : 50 Bulletins and Counting

A primary school in are celebrating after their innovative approach to will see them publish their 50th school news bulletin.

have a created a studio complete with green screen, lighting and cameras where pupils come to record a weekly news report.

Pupils at the school from Year’s 5 and 6 are selected each week to go into the studio and create a news item which is then posted on their website giving those with children at the school a good insight into the week’s events.

In the past twelve months, statics show that over 11K have visited the website as viewers tune into the weekly videos produced by the school.

Digital Media Consultant John Robson said;

“What we are doing is showing the children how they can be creative and generate content as opposed to just consuming content.”

“Children also get to work with a range of technologies, be that Android, IOS and a range of professional software applications.”

“Through the use of digital media, children are able to enhance their confidence and also improve their literacy skills.”

From their studio, the children have already interviewed a number of local . MP Graham Stuart, Cllr Kerri Harold and Rev all having been guests on their shows.

IT Technician recalls fondly how it all started with something called a Flip Camera and a curtain for a background.

What they have now is a fully functional studio which is so impressive it is attracting the attention of schools from around the region.

Head Teacher, said;

is in the top 100 schools nationally for progress.”

“A real-life curriculum partnered with the innovative use of digital media has enabled us to publish and celebrate our achievements to a local, national and international audience.”

To view the 50th edition of Swinemoor News click here

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