Town Council Want Better CCTV System Installed in Beverley

Town Council Want Better CCTV System Installed in Beverley
PHOTO : speak to potential witnesses following ‘Postergate’

is proposing to slash the budget used to pay for cameras around the town saying that the system is not fit for purpose.

Beverley Town Councillors Bryan Pearson and Dominic Peacock both questioned the point in continuing to fund something that is out of date and records poor footage.

Had the CCTV been working properly in Beverley Cllr Pearson feels it would have helped him in recent
court case when he was accused of assaulting , saying the police told him they are unable to retrieve footage of incidents.

It is said the Town council are keen on getting out of their contract with who they pay for the upkeep of the system and wish to look at installing a new system to protect the town.

As it stands the Town council wish to look at a system that would allow people who are monitoring it to have more control and that can produce better quality images.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said:

“The CCTV system in Beverley is a joint arrangement taking in a number of organisations and interested parties.”

“At this time no formal approach has been made by any of the partners to review this.”

“However, if Beverley Town Council wish to initiate a debate into the future provision of CCTV in the town, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be more than happy to play our part in that debate.”

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Humberside Police who describe CCTV as a ‘vital tool in fighting crime’ are encouraging the Town Council to hold talks with them ahead of any decision saying;

“The use of CCTV not only assists in bringing offenders to justice, but also can act as a deterrent in preventing criminality happening in the first place and assists in deploying resources to emerging crime or anti-social behaviour.”

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  1. Well, it is something of a surprise to me to find that the system has been working at all, after the number of smashed shop windows and other crimes including the robbery at Guest’s jewellers, where footage from the shop’s system was mentioned but not from the council’s I had come to the conclusion that they were dummy cameras stuck around as a sort of placebo.

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