Get a Healthy Start to 2016 Without Breaking the Bank

Get a Healthy Start to 2016 Without Breaking the Bank

For many the new year means a new start, getting healthy and shedding those festive curves.

Many of us though fear the idea of going and standing a public gym working out front other is a horrific thought so it tends to be avoided.

In an age of mobile phones and electrical devices, a person can easily capture images and it is not uncommon for to find themselves snapped in all sorts of embarrassing positions and photos appearing online.

Local fitness expert is only too aware of the hangups suffer about working out in front of others going to public gyms.

Ms Corrigan who owns and operates a private gym in on the edge of provides her clients with a fully supervised safe environment to train.

Speaking to .net she said;

“There are many reasons why choose not to go to a public gym and come to me. One of the main reasons is that the gym I operate is private.”

are very self-conscious about their bodies, especially when they only first get into training but over time, confidence is built as through great effort they start to change and shape their own bodies and begin to feel better about themselves.”

“At the start of every year, we see an influx of people signing up to expensive gym packages that they may not necessarily always use. “

“It’s not uncommon for people to sign up to monthly packages and the by the end of February then no longer going to a gym but still continue to pay their monthly membership.”

“Clients who come to me only pay for the sessions they book so, in the long run, somebody who’s training maybe once a week could save hundreds of pounds when compared to a regular gym membership.”

“I think it is very positive that people want to take control of their lives and take care of their bodies regardless of where they go to do it.”

“However, for some people, it could be more cost-effective to hire a personal trainer rather than being tied into a monthly gym package.”

Anyone interested in booking a session with can do so by calling 01482 860270.

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