Tickton Pre-School Celebrate Ofsted Success

Tickton Pre-School Celebrate Ofsted Success

Pre-School are celebrating after they were awarded Outstanding across the board following an Inspection.

With a total of 40 places and with 169 children registered to them, the Outstanding Award is testament to the hard work carried out at the Pre-School by all their 11 staff.

the Manager at Pre-school and Play Pals said;

“We are so proud to share this outstanding report with our local community. At Pre-school, we provide education and care for children from , and surrounding areas. Providing sessional and full-day care for over 70 children.”

The report was very complimentary about the services being offered at Pre-School saying that ‘staff provide children with a highly stimulating environment that is set up each day with the utmost care and attention to detail.’

also felt the team at the School were engaging well with the youngsters saying that ‘all the staff know children exceptionally well, and that they meticulously plan exciting activities that link directly to children’s individual interests. Children here are extremely motivated to learn. They are highly inquisitive and continually increase their knowledge.’

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Even having just received an Outstanding from , Pre-School are still striving to raise the bar when it comes to child care, Helen added;

“Clear targets for future improvement are set so we can further enhance the outcomes for children and ensure the needs of all service users are met.”

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