Armstrongs Way To Remain Closed Over The Weekend

Armstrongs Way To Remain Closed Over The Weekend

Armstrongs Way in is to remain closed until midnight on Sunday 1 November due to the ongoing works on the Development.

Motorists and residents will now face another weekend of disruption around another already congested part of the town.

Temporary lights on coupled with the closure of Armstrongs Way have already created long delays for people getting about the town.

will also be effected by the closure, a spokes person for EMYS, the local bus operator said;

“The Service X46 that leaves at 8.05am normally serves the campus.”

“Instead, it will follow the normal Service X46 route to Hull, and students can alight at the stop on at the back of Marks & Spencer.”

“Services 246 and Service 520 buses towards the Bus Station will divert via Eastgate and .”

“Service X80 and Service 246 buses towards Hessle/Hull will divert via Lord Robert’s Road, Champney Road, and .”

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“You will be able to get on/off the bus at any stop on the diversion route.”

is set to open next week, when fully functional it will be home to a number of shops, a cinema and new hotel.

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