New Wedding Venture Allows Guests To Share Content

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At a Social Event is a new concept that has been created by a woman in that shares guest’s content using an unique hash tag.

Sarah Laughran the lady behind the explained more, she said;

“At a Social Event is a new service we have launched that allows guests at a or other social functions to share content in real time using a dedicated hash tag.”

“Our research showed that many guests were going to weddings and taking photos on their phones, but the bride and groom in many cases were never seeing the pictures taken by their friends.”

“Using specialist software, we are able to collect all that data and by using a special hash tag share that information in real time at the event, projecting the content generated by guests onto a big screen.”

Sarah who recently moved to the area from Bristol thinks they are the first company in the UK to offer such a service, but it is already happening in America.

While some may be concerned that guest post images or messages that they may not want others to see Sarah is confident they have the solution, she said;

“We can work with people to block certain key words and also can moderate images to ensure nothing appears on the screen at an event.”

After the event, clients are able to access a web page which is generated by the software giving them a detailed insight to their day through the eyes of a guest, Sarah added;

“Once the day is over, we create a page with everything that has been posted. This means the customer does not need to log into numerous social media accounts to view the content.”

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“Another massive advantage is that for people who could not make it to the . We can arrange a login, so they can watch it all unfold in real time on their PC, Tablet or mobile device.”

Given the popularity of social media this is one idea that is sure to be popular with a lot people who are getting married.

When asked if this service would replace the role of a photographer at she said;

“I do not think replaces a traditional wedding photographer. People still need good-quality images of their special day.”

“This is just something quirky and a bit different, maybe an alternative to things like photo booths.”

To find out more about At a Social Event please visit;

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