Beverley Town Council Honour Women For The First Time

Beverley Town Council Honour Women For The First Time

says it was great privilege to oversee the proceedings that saw honour Freemen and Freewomen at a ceremony in the .

Prof MBE and Mrs Berna Moody were made Honorary Freewomen and Mr OBE has been made a Honorary Freeman in recognition of their long service to the town and its .

This was the first time that had appointed an Honorary Freewoman.

Commenting on the proceedings, Cllr McGrath said;

“It was a great privilege, on behalf of to award the first two Honorary Freewomen of the town to Prof. MBE and Mrs Berna Moody, along with awarding Mr OBE JP DL MA as the 4th Honorary Freemen.”

“They were all welcomed at the Honorary Freemen and Freewomen Ceremony in recognition for their outstanding long service to the town and the of Beverley.”

Berna Moody said her award while unexpected she regarded it as a timely reminder that women in the town also go the extra mile to make it a better place to live.

Mrs Moody said;

“This was a completely unexpected surprise to be invited to be appointed an Honorary Freewoman of Beverley. Whilst I have become involved in a variety of ways to conserve and improve this marvellous town, I am only one of so many.”

“Nevertheless I regard this honour as a timely reminder that women work so hard to go the extra mile in making Beverley one of the loveliest and friendliest places in Britain in which to live.”

“What with the lovely flower boxes that decorate the town placed there by Committee members, and the bluebells that nature has provided in on spring in Beverley is a wonderful place to be. Perhaps we should bottle the air and export it in an attempt to capture the magic.”

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Prof. English MBE expressed her gratitude expressing her desire to continue to help she said;

“I am very grateful to for making me an Honorary Freewoman of Beverley, a completely unexpected honour from this town in which I have lived very happily for fifty years.”

“It has been a great privilege to make this beautiful place my home, and to have played a very small part in conserving and protecting it for future generations. There have been freemen in Beverley for at least 900 years, and now freewomen too.”

“I hope to be able to continue to assist in any way I can, in the years ahead, which will undoubtedly bring many more challenges.”

Mr Martin, who was also honoured on the night added;

“Beverley is a really unique Town, recognised nationally for its history, Minster and Churches, elegant architecture and a blend of charm from centuries of progress.”

“To be made an Honorary Freeman simultaneously with the making of the first Honorary Freewomen is a very special privilege.”

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