MEET THE CANDIDATES : The Conservatives Minster & Woodmansey

MEET THE CANDIDATES : The Conservatives Minster & Woodmansey

Members of the Conservative Party, Dominic Peacock, and David Elvidge who will be looking to win your vote in May talk about a range of topics that will impact local residents.

The three candidates all represented the same area, Minster and Woodmansey last term will again be standing as they look to retain their seats on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and carry on representing the people within their parish.

Local Facilities

The ERYC continues to provide excellent library and cultural facilities which are adapting continually for 21st century use. This is reflected by the increased computer facilities available at the Beverley library and multi media publications available whilst still maintaining the availability of the written word. The has also recently undergone a refurbishment and upgrade.

Throughout this term of office the issue of playing fields and pitches has been raised as an issue, the ERYC playing pitch strategy 2012 is as we speak under review, we have and continue to lobby for more pitches and increased facilities for our teams to play on and this year will be presented with a report at the Environment and Regeneration Committee on proposals for future provision which will include a proposed increase of provision at the Beverley Leisure Centre.

We have also pursued and recently been successful funding for our local schools with £2.6 million being spent on improving the building.

Youth provision in the Town has changed significantly over the last few years, however the Youth Centre is now used 25% more due mostly to the Fitness and Boxing Club set up with Ward Councillor support.


Across the East Riding there are around 11,000 authority owned properties many of which are currently undergoing maintenance many to replace roofs. The maintenance teams responsible for taking care of them have recently improved their service by utilising mobile to keep them on the job longer, giving less downtime on the office and travelling between the two. However all Ward Councillors are there for residents to raise any issues they may have with this and any other ERYC service.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

Whilst we know and acknowledge fracking is a major concern to some of our residents, we do not believe it is something we in Beverley need to address at this time. When and if an application to mine in this manner or any other is put forward we will support our residents in any way we can so that they can deal with this matter.

Large Scale Projects

Beverley is for want of a better term in a state of flux as we strive to adopt a local plan and apply some measure of control to the building developers would ask us to adopt. Flemingate for example is well under way but this has been in the mix for a considerable time following the 2008 public inquiry. This and other developments will change our Town forever it is something that we will continue to work with our residents on, looking to influence quantity, design and scope wherever and whenever we can.

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In our ward we are also pleased with the proposed redevelopment of the waste water treatment plant and welcome the £15.9 million investments which we know is long overdue and which is something we lobbied for and meet frequently met with residents and Yorkshire Water to achieve.


Town Centre Parking is we believe a good compromise between what our residents, visitors and businesses need. The cost however is still a debate we wait to have and all Beverley Ward Councillors agree the cost must be reduced and should be shared across the whole County instead of our Town being used as some sort of cash cow.

Business Rates are set by Central Government, something we cannot alter, however we know our Town like others are possibly suffering through this and high rents possibly leading to some being priced out of the centre. However taking all this into account Beverley continues to attract new shops and compared with many place is still a vibrant and busy place to visit, shop, eat and enjoy with its unique mix of new and old.

Cllr David Elvidge, said;

“It is difficult to sum up and condense into a given format what we have done and intend to do, I would however like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their support since 2011 and ask them to contact me or any of my colleagues if they require our help or just need signposting to the right place and or people.”

Cllr Kerri Harold added;

“It has been my pleasure to serve the residents of Minster and Woodmansey  for the past 8 years. There have been some controversial issues that we have had to deal with and have always done our best  to represent our residents views and I would  like to this opportunity to thank them for the support and help in fighting local issues and engaging with us.”

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